The Kurz Family

We were so excited when Laura invited us to her home last fall to take some pictures of her beautiful family. Her son, Charlie, was 7 months old at the time and super smiley and happy as can be. It was wonderful to witness the love Laura and her husband, Ken, have for little Charlie. Their beloved dog, Charmer, also joined in the fun. Sadly, Charmer passed away a few days ago. Laura is a brilliant writer who blogs frequently, and she has written so many touching posts about their life with Charmer and how much joy this sweet dog brought into everyone's lives. Check out Laura's blog here. Laura - thank you for letting us capture a day in the life of the Kurzs. We can't wait to see you all again.


Holly + Ray | Sneak Peek

Just wanted to post two of our favorite shots from Holly and Ray's engagement session. We have a ridiculous amount of sessions and weddings to blog. I'm a little overwhelmed, but excited to post everything we've been working on. Stay tuned for more Holly and Ray, and lots of everything else...


Beth + Brad | Engaged

This session will definitely go down in the MVP history books as one of the most memorable. We met up with Beth and Brad on a beautiful Sunday morning last September. These two are down-to-earth and so much fun, and we couldn't wait to start taking pictures of them. As soon as I pulled my camera out to adjust my settings, I heard what sounded like water leaking from a roof and then felt hard, wet drops on my head and back. I looked up and realized a HUGE bird had pooped on me! Click here to see just how big this creature was. Beth put it perfectly, "it was like a waterfall of poop!" I could not believe a bird went to the bathroom on me before the session even started! For those who don't know me well, things like this completely freak me out. Beth and Brad were so patient and understanding while I ran away to clean myself up in a nearby bathroom. Beth even gave me one of her ponytail holders so I could put my smelly hair up - another reason why I love this couple so much. After I cleaned up and regained my composure, we started shooting!

We took a few shots around the Pier V Hotel (where they're getting married today!) and then made our way to the streets of Canton. Thanks to Brad's awesome connections, we were able to take some shots inside Mama's on the Half Shell and try their famous Orange Crush drink for the first time - it was delish! And then we headed over to Bo Brooks where Brad knew more people, and we were able to get some fun shots of him and Beth behind the outdoor bar. It was the perfect ending to their session! A big thank you to Beth's brother Jeff (who works with our friend Kim) for referring them to us! We can't wait for their wedding today!


Teresa + Cap are Married

As soon as we met Teresa and Cap, we knew we would love them. A huge thank you to our pal, quasi-cousin, and fantastic DJ, Evan Reitmeyer, for referring them to us! Their wedding day was relaxed and filled with wonderful people and fabulous details. The ceremony took place at Clarendon United Methodist Church, and the reception was held at the gorgeous Washington Golf and Country Club, where Evan supplied the music and kept everyone dancing all night long. One of the sweetest moments of the night was when Cap serenaded Teresa with a song he wrote for her - there wasn't a dry eye in the house. We loved documenting every minute of this day! The newlyweds were beaming with happiness and having the time of their lives. It was a beautiful celebration. Teresa and Cap - hugs to you both! :)

Click here to see more images from their wedding.


The Graham Family

We were lucky to capture the lovable Graham family for the second year in a row last November. You may remember their first session where Griffin was a little explorer, running around barefoot at Fort McHenry while we chased him with our cameras. Well, this time was no different! He's a year older and still a bundle of energy + an absolutely ADORABLE little guy.


Kim + Tibyron | Engaged

Kim and Tibyron are two of the sweetest people we've ever met. They're getting married in DC next month, and we cannot wait to document their day! For their engagement session, we walked all around Bethesda and shot at locations we had been eye-ing for awhile. The picture above is one of our favorites - they both work in the medical field, so it was only fitting to shoot at the Medical Center Metro stop. Kim and Tibyron - Thanks for the fun! We'll see you soon! :)


Marine Corps Commissioning Ceremony

I had the chance to attend a Marine Corps commissioning ceremony with my friend, Danielle, a few months ago. She and I worked together as graphic designers right after college in '01, and we've kept in touch over the years. She told me that her husband, Sean, was graduating from the Marine Corps Officer Candidates School (OCS) and that she would love to have some pictures taken at his commissioning ceremony. I jumped at the chance, not only because it seemed like an amazing event to witness, but also because this was an important achievement for Sean and their whole family. The ceremony took place at The National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, VA. The exterior design of the building is beautiful and meant to "evoke the image of the flag raisers of Iwo Jima". After witnessing the powerful ceremony and Sean's pinning and salute, I was moved. I now have an even bigger appreciation for the men and women who serve our country.


Kara + David | Married

We posted a sneak peek from Kara and David's wedding way back in October. Ever since then, we've been itching to post the rest of their pictures! Kara and David's amazing celebration took place at one of our favorite venues, Glen Echo Park. It was once an amusement park from 1900 to 1968, and now serves as an arts center. It's full of life with vibrant colors, unique architecture, a working carousel, and a bumper car pavilion. If you live in the DC/MD/VA area, you must visit this place.

We loved all of the personal touches Kara and David incorporated into their wedding. Everything matched the whimsical, playful feel to their day. The bouquets were made out of felt, the adorable flower girls wore polka dotted sundresses, there was an assortment of pies instead of a cake, they had mustaches on sticks... And we were ecstatic that Kara and David let us steal them away for some fun pictures before the ceremony. They allowed plenty of time for us to wander around the park. Kara was even cool with climbing down to a creek in her dress - it was awesome.

After the ceremony, Kara and David were glowing. Their reception was held in the bumper car pavilion, and they danced the night away with their guests to the sounds of a zydeco band.

Our friend, Leigh, came out to second shoot, and as usual, we had a blast working together. Leigh, thank you so much for all of your help - you're the best! Also, thank you to Astrid Ruggeri of CityAffairs for coordinating the day.

Kara and David - We're so happy to have met you both. I hope we can keep in touch. Best wishes!


Dharma and Andy | Married

This day was absolute perfection. From the gorgeous setting at Sunset Hills Vineyard, to the creative details and flowers, to the crazy storm, to the clouds parting and letting the sun pour out JUST as the bride and groom had their first look, to the fabulous bluegrass band that had everyone dancing - it was wonderful. We had anticipated Dharma and Andy's wedding for months, ever since we had spent a morning with them in Old Town taking their engagement pictures. They planned their day so meticulously and included touches of their personalities everywhere - no detail was overlooked! We loved it all.

Dharma and Andy's guests came from near and far, and it was obvious that every single one meant the world to them. We were honored to document such a special day in their lives! As always, the wonderful Maria Cooke of Ritzy Bee Events did a fantastic job coordinating the day. And we were so excited to work with Holly of Holly Heider Chapple Flowers for the first time - her work is breathtaking.

Lovely details...

Holly used lace and buttons from Dharma's grandmother to bind the stems of her bouquet. It looked exquisite.

YAY! :)

This is Dharma's sister, Surya, and her beautiful family. Surya is a talented photographer in Colorado.

Dharma and Andy - thank you for sharing your life with us! Wishing you both all the best!

A New Year, A New Us

Ahhhh. We've given our blog a little face lift, and it feels so good. We're kicking everything off with Dharma and Andy's wedding tomorrow! Then many more 2009 posts to follow - with a few 2010 posts sprinkled in here and there. I'm determined to get caught up! For those of you who continue to come back looking for updates, thank you for sticking with us! Stay tuned. We have lots of good stuff in the queue, including pictures from our last few trips to NYC. Like this shot of Drew engrossed in his iPhone, as always ;)

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day!

Dharma + Andy | Sneak Peek

More from this spectacular vineyard wedding coming soon!


Charlie | Sneak Peek


Tricia + Tom are Married!

And so the super blog catch-up fest begins. A huge thank you to our '09 summer and fall clients who have been patiently waiting for their posts! They will all be up soon! To start, here is Trish + Tom's lovely wedding, which took place at the Elkridge Furnace Inn at the end of June. Trish + Tom's day centered around an old Hollywood glamour theme, complete with fedoras, feathers, and pin stripes...it completely fit their personalities. They're good friends with Tottie + Dan, our first official wedding clients, so it was fun to see a lot of familiar faces there. We also had the pleasure of working with their coordinator, Trisha Cranor of Working Brides, for the first time - she was wonderful and pulled everything together effortlessly! Here are a few of our favorites from their day.


Happy Merry Peace Joy

MVP's take on American Gothic :)

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season and happy new year!!


Lindsay + Andy | Engaged

I know I keep saying it, but we have an INSANE amount of pictures to post. I was going to wait until we changed our blog design to post all of the new stuff, but this season has proven to be busier and crazier than we had anticipated (in a good way :), so I'll continue posting in our old space for now. Since we're shooting Lindsay + Andy's wedding today (the last one of the season!), I thought we should post their session first. This is from way back in August. We love these guys and cannot wait for their huge Baltimore celebration today!